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ICL - 2021
(International Cricket League)

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Time & Duration :-


From  10:30 PM ( IST ) - 12:00 ( IST )

For the match, If any team didn’t appear before 11:00 PM (IST), the final decision will be taken by the Organizer / Management.

Teams are asked to avoid unwanted delay, before or between the match to maintain the time duration.

We believe, UNITY IN DIVERSITY is the best Mantra to follow. So, Religion, Nationality, Cast,... bashing, filthy / abusive / defaming words are Strictly NOT ALLOWED. Warning will be given once,  then if that person continues, she / he will be banned from this tournament. If you can't respect another at least do not disrespect in this entire tournament rooms.

ICL Season 6 Semi Final & Final Playing Format :- 


  • Team Strength will be minimum 8 / maximum 13 Players Each. Can follow up the website if and when needed.

  • Each Inning consists - 10 V/s 10 followed by 5 Overs.

  • Any 10 can bat & Any 5 can bowl.

  • There will be 2 batsmen. ( Double Wicket Batting )

  • Captain can send any 10 players to bat likewise 5 to bowl.

  • In case of unavailability, minimum 6 players can play whereas opponent team will play with 8 players.

  • 1st & 2nd Over: 3-4-5-6 Unlimited Wides. (Wide : 3/6 & 6/3 Vice Versa)

  • 3rd & 4th Over:  2-3-4-5-6  Unlimited Wides & Only One Compulsory Runout for the bowler. (Runout = When bowler is guessing double numbers in mainz, if any one number is same as batsman's guess (Successful) then it will be a wicket. If Runout is unsuccessful then batsman's score PLUS 4 / four extra runs will be added.

  • 5th Over:  2-3-4-5-6  Unlimited Wides & Double Score Option for batsman (Not Compulsory). Wide ball will NOT be applicable when batsman is playing with double score.

  • In 3rd & 4th Over 2-3-4-5-6 Unlimited Wides & Batsman should give one digit OR two different digits in same line & bowler should guess only one number. It is not mandatory to give two numbers, it is batsman wish to play with single number or two different numbers.

  • Whenever double digits taken by the batsman,those two digits must be different scores in same/one line ( i.e  (4 > 5)  ( 2 & 3 ) ( 5 - 6 ) ( 2,3 ) ( 34 ) ( 3 @ 2 ) etc. 

  • When batsman is playing with double numbers if any one number is same as bowler's guess then it will be a wicket.

  • If batsman gives one same number repeatedly in same line ( i.e. 22 // 33 // 44 // 55 // 66 ) then it will be considered as single score only.

  • Strike change on 3-5-7-9-11.

Player's Error :-


In case of any error / mistake  occurs in between the match, final decision will be taken by the Organizer / host mutually.


Batsman's Error :-


  • In place of digit/s,  if a batsman gives texts (anything other than the digit / score) to the host, Before the bowler guess, batsman can request the host to wait in main screen to give the score, to avoid dot ball. ( Ball count, Score will be NOT added ).

  • If batsman gives two different digits in two lines OR in first line score & second line text, then first line digit will be considered. If the bowler's guess is correct then it is a wicket. If not then ball will be counted & score will be NOT added. It is, Batsman's Error benefit to the bowling team.

  • In first 4 Overs If batsman gives two or more different digits i.e. ( i.e 456, 2345, 4-5-6,  4/5/6/7 2>3>4 )  in same line and if the bowler's guess is correct on one of the digits then it will be a wicket. Otherwise it will be considered as a dot ball. ( Ball Count, Score will be not added ). It is, Batsman's Error benefit to the bowling team.

  • If batsman gives a text in first line and digit in second line then ball will be counted but score will NOT be added. In such case before bowler's guess, batsperson can inform in main room window or else ball will be counted. It is, Batsman's Error benefit to the bowling team.

  • If a same batting person repeats same mistake second time he/she will be declared out.


Bowler's Error :-


  • If bowler sends cricket stickers which has digit in it or digit in any form (<3 icon, five, six) it will be considered as bowler's guess.

  • In 1st & 2nd Over, by mistake if bowler takes runout then ball will NOT be counted but score will be added. If one number same as batsman's score then it will NOT be a wicket. ( Bowler's Error / Mistake ) Wide Won't be Considered.

  • In 3rd & 4th Over, if bowler forget to take runout then batsman's score PLUS Extra 4 runs will be added. In that case if Batsman's score is same as bowler's guess then Only extra 4 runs will be added & it wont be wicket ball, Ball wont be counted. Bowler must have to take compulsory runout in next ball. (Bowler's Mistake) 

  • In 3rd & 4th Over, by mistake if bowler takes runout two times in one over then ball will NOT be counted but score will be added. If one number same as batsman's score then it will NOT be a wicket. ( Bowler's Error / Mistake )

  • In 5th Over, If bowler guesses two different digits then ball will NOT be counted but runs will be added. If batsman's  score is same as batsman's score then also runs will be added, it will NOT be a wicket. ( Bowler's Error / Mistake )

  • If a bowler guesses before receiving the digits OR before Host asks him/ her to guess then batsman's score will be added but ball wont be counted. if batsman' s score is same as bowlers guess then also runs (not extra runout runs) will be added, it wont be a wicket ball. It is, Bowler's Error benefit to the batting team.

  • If the bowler guesses any other digit which is not in format or as per the ongoing over then that score will be added as runs but ball will NOT be counted.

  • Only a bowler is allowed to guess in the main screen. Any other from the bowling team sends numbers in any form, warning will be issued by the Host / Organizer. 

General Error/s :-

  • Apart from all these errors mentioned above, anything else happens in an ongoing match/es, decision/s will be taken by the Host / Organizer mutually. None are not allowed to question that.

ICL Season General Rules :-


  • If you can't respect each other, please do not disrespect. We are requesting you to keep your personal tantrums, insults, grudges, negativity at bay. Let us try to understand the peaceful and jovial decorum of the tourney. Your words, actions, explains your better and more. So, make sure you will not bring any such topic which can hurt, pinch each other's delicate emotions.

  • In any case if the match discontinues or if any team gives walk over to other, run rate will be counted until the match was played by both the teams.

  • Only a bowler is allowed to guess the number/s in main screen. If any other types number / s in any form (<3, number stickers, numeric...) then action will be taken. Please co-operate for your own good.

  • Hosts, Admins, Organizers, Management.. are holding many other extra responsibilities. So please try to connect with their respect and feelings.

  • To prevent unwanted mic hog, throughout the tournament, room will be on Mic DOT.

  • If rescheduling is needed, you are requested to inform the Organizer / Opponent Team Manager, 2 days before the decided match.

  • Adding the HOST  in your Pal list is must for all for all the players until the tournament / match gets over. 

  • Only those nicks / IDs which were registered or informed to the Management / Organizers are allowed to play. 

  • Only the nick that has been submitted for the tournament will be allowed to play.

  • If a player is caught playing with multiple nicks or playing in different teams, that player will be disqualified from the entire tournament. 

  • In case of any issue/s related to the tournament only Managers or Captains are permitted to discuss with the Organizers. 

  • Regarding cam issues while hosting, players / captain can inform that to the Host / Organizers / Management in main screen.

  • Ids will be colored within 2 weeks after the finals. Expecting your co-operation on this as well.

  • Feel free to submit your team as per your own will and wish. It is absolutely ones own choice

  • To know Hosts / Admins rules and responsibilities click concerned page. 



Disconnection & Replacement :-


  • When disconnected bowler doesn't appear in certain time Captain is asked to arrange a substitute bowler (who didn't bowl earlier ) from the team to complete that over. After that, substituted bowler is not allowed to bowl again in that entire match.

  • In case of Batman's disconnection after playing one ball or more, shall be waited for certain time. If that person fails to join back / complete the batting before the inning ends, then that will be a wicket. 

  • If Host gets disconnected, then teams are requested to wait for some time. If the score was not been pasted in main screen before getting disconnected, then it can be considered as a re-ball.

Scoring :-

Batting team will be responsible for the Scoring. Both the teams are advised to keep the track of it. Suppose, if there was any incorrect scoring was noted between or after the match Captains are allowed to inform that to the Management / Organizers. To announce the final result, they will go through the entire score board thoroughly. No arguments are allowed on that.

Points & Tie :-


How points are given in ICL-6, 2021 1st Round matches :-

  • Winner team will get  :  5 points ( each match) whereas the team which lost will not gain any point (i.e. 0)

  • If Tie,  then there will be an extra  Super Over. Winner of this match will earn 5 Points again.

  • Super Over Rules  3-4-5-6 UL Wides = 3 Vs 3 = 1 Over. ( Toss &  Any 3 Can Bat & Any 1 Can Ball )

  • Ranking and qualification of team/s will be based on points. If points are equal then Net run rate will be taken into consideration.

Hosts :-

  • All the hosts are requested  to use Time Stamps & Visible Cam.

  • Host is authorized to take any action or to manage / maintain the entire match in any situation for the smooth going. 

Manager's / Captain’s Responsibilities :-


  • One from the each team will be a Manager for the entire tournament likewise, One from the each team will be the captain for that particular match.

  • They should be conversant and proficient with the rules of the ICL tournament.

  • Managers / Captains are responsible if any of their player disrespects, questions or holds unwanted argument/s with Organiser, Hosts & Admins.

  • They should make sure, the team members will act disciplined and well mannered.  

  • They Should let their team members know, Organizers, Hosts, Management decisions are final. 

  • Encouraging their team mates to follow the standard format of ICL 2021 is also their responsibility.

  • It’s the Managers  / Captains responsibility to make sure that the players are present & active during the match.



ICL Season 6 Final Notes :-


The ICL 2021 Tournament Official Panel reserves the rights to amend the Rules at any time if it considers such action to be in the best interests of the Tournament.

No one is allowed to question Organizers. Their decisions are final. 

United we stand, divided we fall. We are expecting your unconditional co-operation, help and support.  Let us Stay United to make this event also remarkable and a stepping stone for further.

Sportsmanship is defined as -

          * Playing fair,

          * Following the rules of the games,

          * Respecting the judgment of the referees and officials,

          * Treating opponents with respect.

We will remain thankful to each and every one of you who supports, helps while respecting us throughout this tournament directly or indirectly. It is because of YOU all we are here today.


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