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Movie "The Kerala Story"

Recently watched "The Kerala Story" in a theatre when suggested by one of my friends. Thanks to him. It's a thought-provoking film no doubt. This film, based on a real story, is one such movie that everyone must watch specially parents n single women living outside from their home. It is a compelling and well-crafted film that brings to light the issue of forced religious conversion in India. It also exibits a lot of violence brutally and they are heart wrenching. A Malayali Hindu student is unsure of her religion and is influenced then manipulated by her Muslim roommate to accept Islam. It is a clear evident that half knowledge is dangerous and can put anyone in risk.

The way Islam is showcased will not go well with Muslims for sure. Likewise the anti hindu dialogues are definitely provakable. Makers say that the film is inspired by true events. 32,000 Non-Muslim Indian girls from Kerala who were brainwashed, converted, impregnated, sent to terror camps, raped, and ended up as sex slaves in ISIS camps in Syria and Afghanistan.

"The Kerala Story" manages to portray the cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala very impressively.

Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, the narrative remains engaging, keeps you attentive till the end. Sincere performances by everyone also holds the attention. Especially Adah Sharma nailed her character. She maintained her Hindi and English diction that suited a Keralite so beautifully.

What I loved most about this movie is how it explores love, loss, and twists. This theme came out so naturally with sensitivity and depth.

The cinematography is striking and effectively captures the essence of the characters, their struggles - succeeds in conveying the emotions also. Screenplay is very well paced.

You will not be bored in the entire duration of the movie. Whether you think of this as a agenda, truth or just as a storyline. The film is a hard hitting drama told in a brutal manner.

What I didn't like about this movie:

Being a nursing student, how come she wasn't aware of taking precautions to avoid pregnancy.

The storyline is not evident that they are being used by PFI or related organisation who forces conversion

In the story constant bashing about Hindu religion and their Gods by a PFI agent becomes pathetic and blood boiling.

Was expecting better music.

At times I really felt uncomfortable watching with family.

I felt it is one sided portrayal of islam or muslims.

The number 32,000 women have been converted and joining ISIS is surely extaggerated

Insulting hindu Gods are shock values.

It is important to display caution during the extremely disturbing rape, beheading, chopping of hands scenes in the ISIS slave camp.

Over all, This is not a typical Lala land film. Worth watching once, or must watch once. This movie definitely brings awareness against the evils like love jihad, conversion in the society and parents to keep an eye with their loved ones...

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