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We believe, UNITY IN DIVERSITY is the best Mantra to follow. So, Religion, Nation, cast,... bashing, filthy / abusive / defaming words are Strictly NOT ALLOWED. Warning will be given once,  then if that person continues, she / he will be banned from this tournament. If you can't respect another at least do not disrespect in this entire tournament rooms. Please Do not make this Tournament Rooms your Battle Ground.

ICL 2021 - Admin Responsibilities :-


  • On the very first note, every Admin should be active as long as that person is in the room.

  • All the admins should monitor the room texts. 

  • If anything goes wrong, like abusive, filthy, defaming words came to notice in an on going match then, admins should warn that user at first then they should inform the Organizer / Host before taking the next action.

  • No admin is allowed to unbounce / unban anyone without Organizer / Host's permission.

  • Admins are requested to paste the rules from website when needed.

  • It is every Admin's responsibility to keep an eye on scoring.

  • Admins should check the team list which were submitted for their notice.

  • Admins are requested to be present before the match starts so that they can make sure whether concerned teams are also present.

  • Admins extended support on other activities also, like Room  Banner, Saving RTF (Room Text File) files will be remembered.

  • Polite words die hard. So please make sure you are maintaining the same.

  • It is our honor and pleasure to your huge support as an Admin in this tournament but please do not demand for the Adminship with conditions.

  • Admins are free to do the scoring by their own wish. This extra support will be highly appreciated

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