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We believe, UNITY IN DIVERSITY is the best Mantra to follow. So, Religion, Nation, cast,... bashing, filthy / abusive / defaming words are Strictly NOT ALLOWED. Warning will be given once,  then if that person continues, she / he will be banned from this tournament. If you can't respect another at least do not disrespect in this entire tournament rooms. Please Do not make this Tournament Rooms your Battle Ground.

ICL 2021 Host Responsibilities :-


  • On the very first note, every Host should be active as long as his / her term is on.

  • It is compulsory for every Host to use time stamp and visible cam. 

  • If anything goes wrong, like abusive, filthy, defaming words came to notice when match in on then, Host is authorized to take necessary action after warming that person on mic. If not, they can inform the organizer.

  • The Host who is in charge must paste the score of the batsperson in main screen.

  • Every Host should be well versed about the rules mentioned in our website. He / she should be able to get that to noticed when needed.

  • While Hosting he / she should be aware of the ongoing scoreboard.

  • Hosts are pleased to be present before the match starts.

  • In case of technical error/s like bad Internet connection, Cam / mic issues.. they should inform the Organizer.

  • If any other help needed while Hosting  he / she can contact  Admins / Organizer.

  • If any Host gets disconnected, shall wait for sometime and then match will continued with another Host's support.

  • We will remain grateful for every Host who extends their extra and huge support throughout the tournament.

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